Srinagar: Best Places to Visit in Srinagar


‘Gar Firdaus Bar – Rue Zameen Asta, Hami asto, Hami asto, Hami Asta.’

That is, if there is a heaven on earth, it is here, it is here, it is here … Whenever it comes to mention of Kashmir, then these lines are remembered about Kashmir. In every season, if a city is seen as heartless then it is Srinagar of Jammu and Kashmir. These days it is wrapped in a sheet of ice. Seeing this view, you will fall in love with it like lovers. In this article, you will read about Srinagar and the best places to visit in Srinagar.

Beautiful Landscape of Srinagar

The lap of the Himalayas. The snowy mountain looked everywhere. Whether it is summer or rainy or when it is a cold winter. The beauty of Kashmir shows a different color in every season. If you go here in the summer season, all four greenery will be seen. You will be able to enjoy rafting in the glazed glassy Lidder and Jhelum river. If you go in the rain, the magical smell of dense pine forests will make you crazy.


Clouds bent here and there will take you to the magical world of fairies. The lush green fields will fascinate you. For just one month before winter, the entire valley starts to glow with the golden colors of autumn and when winter comes, the green meadows are wrapped in white sheets made of snowfall. In December, the valley receives heavy snowfall in many places and the entire valley is covered with a white sheet of snow.

Best Places to Visit in Srinagar

In Srinagar, you will find many best places to visit in Srinagar. Such as the royal houseboat, the experience of shopping in Dal-Lake, and the trains moving here that will give you the experience of traveling like Switzerland.

Majestic Glamour in Houseboat

As soon as the name of Kashmir comes, the scene that emerges in the mind, there are definitely shikaras and houseboats floating in Dal Lake. This is the main attraction of Srinagar, and why not. Hindi cinema has shown Kashmir so beautifully in the films of the 60s and 70s, that the secret of every human heart and the dream that once must go to Kashmir and stop in a floating houseboat on Dal Lake.

Houseboat: Srinagar

Dal Lake has two attractions. One, boating in Dal Shikara and second, staying in a houseboat. Dal Lake houses many categories of houseboats. From a three-star houseboat to a five-star luxury houseboat.

Royal Experience of Dal-Lake

Dal Lake: Srinagar

Staying in a houseboat is like a royal experience. This houseboat hinges on the water is made from the precious wood of cedar. Their interiors have fine carvings made of pure walnut wood. A houseboat consists of two to three bedrooms, drawing and dining rooms. There is also a deck above some ultra-luxury houseboats, where the sunset can be enjoyed by sitting. There is no need to go shopping while in a houseboat.

Shopping In Dal-Lake

If you want to spend your vacation in comfort and elegance, Kashmiri products such as fresh flowers, shawls, jewelry, carpets, and saffrons will come automatically to you in Shikara, in the style of Hindi films.

Shopping in Dal Lake

However, if you want to go to the market, then the floating market floating on Dal Lake is made for you. Just express your wish to your houseboat. A Shikara will be available to get you shopping in Dal quickly. If you are fond of books, there is a beautiful book store and cafĂ© in Nehru Park, situated in the middle of Dal lake.

Train travel like Switzerland

What a beautiful sight that white snow sheets are spread all around and a red train is running from the middle. This happens in Switzerland. But now this view is also possible in India. If you want to make your trip to Kashmir even more memorable, then take a small train ride. You can take a train ride from Srinagar to Baramulla.

Train travel: Srinagar

This view is very amazing. In the future, this rail will go ahead and connect with Jammu via Katra-Udhampur, from where it will be easy to travel to any part of the country. At the moment, you can enjoy the train on short rides like the Switzerland of Kashmir. Now the day is not far that one can be reached by train to reach Kashmir. The route from Jammu to Srinagar will also be decided by train. Currently, work is going on fast on this route. It has also been completed to about 70%.

Chenani-Nashri Tunnel

Gone are the days when it was difficult to go to Kashmir. If you are not traveling by air then you were able to enjoy the beauty of Kashmir only after a long tiresome journey by road. This route was sometimes closed due to bad weather or the long jam would spoil the whole journey. But now it is not so.

Chenani-Nashri Tunnel

The road to reach Kashmir has now become not only smaller due to the formation of Chenani-Nashri Tunnel but has also been freed from the effects of any weather. Earlier, to reach Srinagar from Jammu, one had to travel for 10 to 12 hours by road, now this journey has reduced to just six-seven hours. Chenani-Nashri Tunnel tunnel is one of the latest tunnel projects in the country.

Mughal-Garden in Srinagar

If you go to Srinagar, then definitely visit Mughal Garden, the main tourist destination here. This garden is proof of how far ahead our country was in architecture and engineering hundreds of years ago. Here you get to see such beautiful use of natural resources that you will not be able to live without praise. Chashme Shahi, Nishat Bagh, and Shalimar-Garden are such beautiful in the city.

Mughal Garden: Srinagar

There are examples of gardens, through which clear water flows into the canal. There are very ancient trees of poplar here. 400-year-old trees are also present in them. In the fall, the leaves of the poplar tree turn yellowish golden and then become red. Hence they are also called Atish-e-Chinar. It is enjoyable to watch the leaves fall down in the fall.

Fun of Waadi-E-Kashmir


Gulmarg is about 53 kilometers from Srinagar. In the summer, where the vast grasslands of Gulmarg are filled with small flowers, when the snowfall in winter, these grasslands hide somewhere under a thick sheet of snow. Here, as soon as winter comes, skiing on the mountain of Afarwat starts to attract adventure from all over the world. Foreign tourists fond of skiing camp here for months. The country’s most prestigious skiing institute, the “Indian Institute of Skiing and Mountaineering” is here.

Famous Church of Gulmarg

A British-era church also exists in Gulmarg. The church’s father tells about it, this church was built in 1875 for the British Army. It saw many rounds. It has a history of its own. “Save the Animal Right” was founded by the British several hundred years ago. Its location is such that, from here, the whole of Gulmarg can be seen.

St.mary church: Gulmarg

It is a unique church in India, built in the middle of a golf course. Pre-Christmas celebrations are celebrated with great pomp here every year on 24 December. Winter festival begins here from this day itself. This celebration is organized by the Church and Kashmir Tourism together.

Gondola ride

sled in gulmarg

The main attraction of Gulmarg is the Gondola Ride. A thick sheet of snow under the feet, high tall cedar trees surrounding you will thrill you. When everything is covered with snow in Gulmarg, then it is very fun to drive a snow scooter. If you want to enjoy the snow by sitting on the sled, then it is also complete. For just a few hundred rupees, the guest Nawaz Kashmiri youth will make you roam the entire Gulmarg by sitting on the sled.

New year celebration in Pahalgam

Pahalgam is also known as ‘Shepherd Valley’. It is 140 km from Srinagar. The beauty of this valley is beyond words. Here flows the beautiful river Lidder and around it is dense forests of deodar. Behind them are snow peaks, from where the snow melts and provides clean water to this river. Pahalgam is also covered with ice sheets these days.

Due to snow here, the paths are also covered, on which only chain vehicles can run. There are many fine cottages here, where you can enjoy the unique pleasure of staying amidst the natural scenery and breathing the pure air. The New Year celebration is celebrated here loudly. If you are planning a New Year Holiday, then Pahalgam can be a memorable destination for you.

Hazrat Bal and Pari Mahal

Kashmir has been the gateway of India to all people from Central Asia. From this came Mughals, robbers, traders, and Sufis. Over time the robbers and traders were forgotten, but what remains is the name-e-Khuda, which is mentioned in the teachings of every Sufi saint.


Sufism spread from all over India. The Kashmir Valley houses the tomb of many famous saints, such as Dastagir Sahib, Makhdoom Sahib, and Hazratbal. The Hazrat Bal is a very beautiful structure, where a Bal of the last Prophet of the Muslim sect, Mohammad Saheb, is preserved.

View of Dal Lake from Pari Mahal

Pari Mahal

Near the Dal Lake is the Pari Mahal, which was built by Dara Shikoh. The Pari Mahal built on the high mountain was originally meant for the Mughal prince to study astronomy. The view of Dal Lake is very beautiful from here.

Kashmiri flavors

There is an influence of Central Asia on Kashmiri mines, hence the great importance of tandoor is seen in the common life here. People like to eat small bitter tandoori roti with coffee and tea. Weather is also a big factor in the mines of Kashmir. Must have heard the name of its famous Kashmir cuisine series ‘Vajwan’.

Special Tate of Nonveg

Taste of srinagar

At the same time, a very unique dish is cooked in Kashmir in winter, which is named ‘Harissa’. Harissa is made from goat meat. It is cooked in a clay pot for 15 to 16 hours with hot spices, saffron. These clay pots are set on a home-grown oven and ignited.

Flavor of Kahwa


In winter, people here use a special type of copper kettle, which is called ‘Samavaar’. There is a chamber of hot coals inside the samovar, which Kahwa or noon tea remains hot. Kahwa is the favorite drink of Kashmiris. It consists of saffron, almonds, small cardamom and cinnamon cooked with water and sugar.

Also know

Marthand Sun Temple is on the way to Pahalgam. Today only the ruins of this temple remain here. The Archaeological Survey of India has declared this temple as a national heritage.

Marthand Sun Temple

Marthand Sun Temple

This is an ancient temple near Pahalgam, through which a natural source of water flows. There are thousands of fish in it. There is a gurudwara attached to the courtyard of this temple. It is said that Guru Nanak Dev Ji once stayed here for 13 days during his visit to Kashmir.



Yusmarg is 45 km from Srinagar. Like Gulmarg, Yusmarg is also a beautiful tourist destination of Kashmir Valley. If you want to stay close to nature and spend some time in peace with the crowd, then you must visit Yusmarg.

Shopping in Srinagar

There is a complete market for Kashmir handcrafted clothes on Boulevard Road in Srinagar. You can shop there. If you want to save something, then go a little further from Dal Gate towards Krishna Dhaba. There are many shops in which one can buy Kashmiri goods from the Kashmiri shawl store for a reasonable amount of money.

Nuts and saffron can be purchased from there. If you are going to Pahalgam then there is Pampore in the middle, where saffron is cultivated. There are many big shops on the way from where you can buy pure saffron. A little further, a cricket bat made of walnut wood is also found, which is far and wide famous. Yes, very good carpets are made there. You can also shop for them.


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