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Nestled in the lap of the Girnar hills, Junagadh is the highest point in Gujarat. There are more than 800 Hindu and Jain temples in the region. Therefore it can be called Mahagarh of temples. The faith of followers of all religions and faiths is associated here. In Junagadh tourism, the tourist finds the best places to visit in Junagadh.

Girnar Hills

The onset of winter is considered to be the best time to orbit the Girnar mountain surrounded by dense forest. Devotees who travel on foot from Gujarat and many other states also walk the 9000 stairs of this holy bastion before sunrise. Starting from Damodar Kund, this parikrama and ascent involves followers of every religion and faith and worships different forms of the same God. 

14 Best Places to Visit in Junagadh

The historical-cultural place situated on the banks of the Arabian Sea still captivates everyone. This beautiful place with countless springs and temples equipped with green tree plants talking to the clouds is truly a shrine.  There are 14 Best Places to Visit in Junagadh as follows.

1. Tomb of Mahabat Khan

Tomb of Mahabat Khan

This Taj Mahal of Gujarat looks like a carving with dazzling ornaments on yellow stones. The snake-shaped staircase built on the palaces of the palace makes this tomb unique. Located in the streets of the old city, this mausoleum was built by the last Nawab dynasty of Junagadh. This tomb with a Taj Mahal-like structure was built to cherish the tomb of Bahduddin Hasnen Bhai. The special feature of this building is that its architecture is a fusion of Hindu, Islamic, Gothic and European styles. 

2. Somnath Temple

Somnath Temple

Somnath Temple is located at a distance of about 94 km from Junagadh, which has been quite famous in history. Transparent waves of the moving Arabian Sea leap at the Somnath Temple as if devotees at the feet of the Lord. Shining waves at sunset, Pink skies hide in the depths of saffron colors and the waving flag on the temple of Mahadev holds such a stunning natural picture that you will be stunned. 

3. Madhavpur beach like a dream

Madhavpur beach

On one side of the road going from Junagadh to Somnath, there are lush green plains and on the other side the deep blue sea of ​​the Arabian Sea. Camels fitted with ornaments and children selling colorful balloons make this white-sanded Madhavpur beach feel like a fantasy. Enjoying this beautiful scene while eating chickpea from the snack shops on the beach is a unique experience in itself. Sunset view must be seen on this beach.

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4. Mother Amba of Junagadh

Amba Temple

Not only Junagadh, this temple of Mother Amba, which is worshiped across the state, is crowded with devotees during Navratri. Newly married couples from every corner of Gujarat climb up the hill together to seek blessings from Maa Amba and show their love and respect to each other. This is a place of pilgrimage for the goddess. It is a joyous experience for travelers to reach here.

5. Jain temple of Neminath Dev

Jain temple of Neminath Dev

A huge temple of Neminath Dev, the Tirthankara of the Jains, is situated on the first peak of the citadel. According to belief, this 12th-century temple is built at the same place. Where the 22nd Tirthankara Neminath achieved the Nirvana by doing penance. Apart from this main temple, small temples dedicated to other Tirthankaras here also make this building group religious and beautiful.

6. Inscription of Emperor Ashoka

Inscription of Emperor Ashoka

One of the 14 inscriptions established by Emperor Ashoka is located in Junagadh, nestled in the lap of Girnar. The date of this inscription is 250 BCE which attests to the antiquity of this city. This carving is considered to be the earliest Sanskrit inscription in history. The writings of many kings from Emperor Ashoka to Skanda Gupta are in this huge rock written in Brahmi and Sanskrit languages. These inscriptions give information about the forts, temples, and ponds of the ancient city. Some kings have also written special messages for their subjects on the stone.

7. Bhavnath Mahadev

Bhavnath Mahadev

Located in the foothills of Girnar and considered a world of Naga sadhus, this Shiva temple is converted into a mini Kumbh Mela on the day of Mahashivaratri. Naga Sadhus from various places worship Shiva in this temple and the sound of every Har Har Mahadev resonates with the Girnar valley.

8. Kalika Temple

Kalika Temple

It is considered the place of the Aghoris. Red eyes, tangled hair and with the ash consumed on the body, the group of Aghori Sadhus seems like the group of ghosts of Shiva himself. Devotees of Mahakali and Shiva come here after having a visit to the Bhavnath temple.

9. The city of the great poet Narasingh Mehta

The creator of Gandhiji’s favorite Bhajan “Vaishnav Jan To Tene Kahiye” was Narsingh Mehta, a resident of Junagadh. Folk stories related to the hymns of this poet are also quite interesting. Narasingh Mehta is also credited with bringing the practice of “hoondi” to temples across India. 

10. Fort of Sorath State

Uparkot used to be a princely state in Gujarat before the establishment of the city of Junagadh and Saurashtra region that this city was an important part of Sorath state. This dynasty, built by the Maurya kings, was carved by every dynasty with its architecture and gave this fort the title of an impregnable stronghold. The enemies who tried to pierce the fort wall fell into the ditch below and became the food of crocodiles. This fort remained deserted for nearly 300 years after the Mauryan period, after which the Chudasama kings resurrected it.

11. Dattatreya Temple

Dattatreya Temple

The small temple of Sri Dattatreya, sitting on the highest peak of Girnar, looks like a flower blooming in a cloudy valley.

12. Datar Dargah Temple

Datar Dargah Temple

Islamic artifacts on the dome in the shape of onions give the place a mausoleum shape. The temple, built as a tomb of Sant Jamal Shah Datar, is a dargah for the Muslim community, But for the devotees who consider this saint as a Hindu monk, this is a Datar temple built in the lap of the Datar hill. The special thing is that people of both religions worship the same saint according to their faith. In winter, it becomes a viewpoint to see the greenery of Junagadh from all around. All the local travelers come here to enjoy this view. 

13. Ravana Ghan well

This well, built by King Ravana Ghan, is so deep that no water is visible from above. Like the rest of Gujarat’s wells, there are hidden stairs in this well. The water of this well was used in the fields. Arrangements have also been made to extract water with the help of bulls on the well.

14. Gir sanctuary of the Asiatic lions

Gir sanctuary of the Asiatic lions

This only sanctuary of Asiatic lions is located about 20 km from Junagadh. Not only lions but groups of lions can also be seen here by safari. Walking in golden grass and bushes, lions make you feel like being in Mowgli’s world. By spending the night in the resort and village built around the sanctuary, you can see the lion around the ponds from the morning.

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How to reach

The nearest airport is at Ahmedabad from where trains and buses are available for Junagadh, located 318 km away. Junagadh rail junction is connected to many major cities in India.


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