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Panna in Madhya Pradesh is the only diamond-operated mine in the country. Panna is also known as the city of temples. Coming to this city nestled among the natural scenes, the enjoyment of the Panna Tiger Reserve is also unique. In this article, we will learn about Panna Madhya Pradesh and Panna national park.

Panna is considered to be the most backward district of the Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh, but after getting acquainted with it you will forget this. You will find yourself in a world, which contains thousands of years old antiquity in itself. 

The district still retains its typical Bundeli culture and thus it is built with a beautiful synergy of modernity and antiquity. Generally, the city is known for its diamond mines and tiger reserves, while you will come here and see that this place is also full of natural beauty.

Geography & History of Panna

In Panna and the surrounding area, nature has heartily looted its treasure.  There are many natural waterfalls, Kunds, lakes, and rainy rivers.  If you are a culture lover and are interested in architecture, then in this sense you will get prosperity here.  The city is particularly attracted to history lovers and those who study architecture. 

There are many ancient temples in the city itself, due to which it is also called the city of temples.  The city has been the capital of Maharaja Chhatrasal, known as ‘Bundelkhand Kesari’.  Just as Chhatrapati Shivaji had shattered Aurangzeb’s teeth in Maharashtra, similarly Chhatrasal in Bundelkhand remained unbeatable in all the battles with the Mughals. 

Places to Visit In Panna

Prannathji Temple

Prannathji Temple: The pilgrimage of the devotees is the main attraction of the city.  It is believed that Mahamati Prannathji lived in this place for 11 years, then later he took samadhi inside a dome of this temple. This temple was built in 1692. Most of its domes attract attention. 

Prannathji Temple: Panna

Muslim and Hindu architectural styles can be seen in these structures.  During a visit to this pilgrimage site, you can also see Shri Gumtaji, a circular building with nine marble domes. Eight of these domes represent eight directions and the central dome has a divine gold urn bearing a claw symbolizing the 5 powers of Mahamati.

Apart from this, the Kamani Darwaza is a famous Shree temple gate, constructed using silver metal.  There is a gathering of millions of indigenous and foreign devotees on Sharad Purnima in Prannathji temple.  It is a nine-day festival, which begins with a sword in the Sri Khejra temple on the day of Vijayadashami.

Old Collectorate Building

Old Collectorate Building: Panna

This building is known as Mahendra Bhavan.  Mahendra Bhavan was once the palace of the Panna royal house, which was made an administrative building.  It is the most beautiful collectorate building in Madhya Pradesh.  It has now been vacated by the construction of a new building, in the future, it is proposed to be a heritage hotel.  If you go to Panna, then you must see this building once.

Asia’s Largest Diamond Mine

Here is the largest open diamond mine in Asia.  It is operated by the National Mining Development Corporation (NMDC). You can visit the mines here with permission from NMDC. Panna has 3–4-foot shallow mines of diamonds.  Actually, Kimberlite rocks are found in abundance around the city, in which diamonds are found. 

Asia’s Largest Diamond Mine

In places where kimberlite stones are high, people take a license to excavate part of the land. Then only 3 – 4 feet of excavation is done there, Hirakhoja is done between the stones.  Diamonds of excellent quality are found here.

Visit the Panna National Park

It is spread in the districts of Panna and Chhatarpur in the north of the state.  Panna National Park was created in 1981. In the tiger reserve, everyone’s eye is fixed on the tiger. You can also check them after waiting.  At one time the Tigers were gone from here. 

Panna National Park

On 6 November 2009, the challenge of settling the tigers started again. Here you can see many species of birds besides pig, wolf, jackal. During the park walk, you can see crocodiles and crocodiles in the sun on the sand of Cane River.

The wonderful world of waterfalls

Brihaspati Kund

About 35 km from Panna.  At a distance, near the village of Paharikhera, the Baghin river falls below height and forms a beautiful waterfall. The waterfall has formed an 800-foot deep moat. Legend has it that Devguru Brihaspati performed a Yagya here. 

Brihaspati Kund

In ancient times, there were also ashrams of many sages, whom Lord Rama had come from Chitrakoot to here during his exile. You can also see the rock paintings made by the Adivasis here. It is the only waterfall in the world, in which diamonds are found.

Pandava Falls

At a distance of 14 km from Panna and 34 km from Khajuraho, Pandava Falls is a secluded waterfall located inside the Panna National Park in Panna district. The entire year is a waterfall created by a tributary of the Cane River in Madhya Pradesh. 

Pandava Falls: Panna

From a height of about 30 meters, one falls into the shape of a heart. The area of ​​Brihaspati Kund Falls is not only pleasing in nature, but it is also important religious, mythological, historical, and economical.

Chand Silver Fall

About 80 km from Panna.  The waterfalls from a height of about 150 feet near Powai on the Panna-Katni road.  Due to the silver-like color of water, it is called the moon or silver fall.  There is also a tomb of Hazrat Jhulan Shah nearby.  A large number of tourists visit this tomb.

Raneh waterfalls

Raneh waterfalls: Panna

About 40 km from Panna. The Cane River forms the Raneh Falls at a distance.  Due to volcanic eruptions here, beautiful valleys of rocks remain.  There are stones of five colors, which add to its beauty.  It is also known as ‘Grand Canyon of India’.  5 different colored rocks are found at this place, which are Granite, Jasper, Sterlite, sandstone, and Kimber light rocks.  

Kal-Kal Falls

Near the new collectorate, there is a waterfall on the river Kilkila, which is called Kalkal Falls. The rocks near the waterfall are adorned in such a way as if the rocks have taken samadhi here.

Architectural Beauty of “Baldev Temple”

Baldev Temple is built in the Roman architectural style, whose shape is like a church.  This beautiful temple was built in 1921 at the behest of King Rudradeva.  This temple, dedicated to Balarama, the master of 16 arts, has 16 domes, 16 doors, 16 windows, 16 pillars, and 16 staircases. 

“Baldev Temple”

Inside is a beautiful idol of Balram Ji made of shiny black granite, Sheshnag is made behind.  Close to it are two other magnificent temples, one of which is the Jagannath Swami Temple, built in the Bundela architectural style.  A grand rath yatra is carried out here just like Puri.  On the other side of the Baldev Ji temple is the temple of Govindji, where a beautiful statue of Lord Krishna is installed.

The surroundings are also special



About 60 km from Panna. In the distance is the ancient invincible fort Kalinjar, which has the Neelkanth Mahadev Temple. It was here that Sher Shah Suri died. The Chandelier architecture here is amazing.  

Sutikshan Muni’s ashram, Sarang

Sutikshan Muni’s ashram, Sarang

17 km from Panna.  In the lap of nature, there is an ashram of Sutikshan Muni and many temples in Sarang.  The forest here is in the shape of Dhanush (Sarang), hence the name of the forest is Sarang.  During the Ramayana period, Lord Rama came here to meet Sutikshan Muni.  It was here that Lord Rama vowed to end the Asuras by lifting his bow Sarang.

Ajaigarh Fort and Valley

Ajaigarh Fort

About 30 km from Panna to Chitrakoot route.  The impregnable fortress is built by Ajaypal atop the inaccessible hill. This is a very beautiful fort  Beautiful Chandelier architecture is seen here.  To reach here one has to go through the picturesque forest and valley.  At the top of the hill is a pond, by which ancient temples are built.



42 km from Panna. A UNESCO World Heritage Site is Khajuraho, which is famous for its unique craft temples.  

Nachan Kuthar Chaumukhnath Temple

It is about 45 km from the city, situated at this distance.  Actually, it is in Saleha village.  This is a Gupta temple, in which you can also see the architecture of the 5th century. It has different postures on the four faces of Shiva. 

Nachan Kuthar Chaumukhnath Temple

There is a terrible feeling on the face of Rudra  They have crowns on their heads.  There is curly hair and the serpent has coils in the ears.  There are also Jain temples on the nearby hill, which have ancient statues of Tirthankaras installed.

Enjoy Bundeli Catering

Here you can taste Dalbati, Chila, Bara, Mangoura, Bijora, Bari, Jalebi, Raita, Birra Roti, etc. Apart from this, Gakkad i.e. thick roti is usually prepared on the fire of Kande.  Gakkai is placed on the hot ashes of the Kande and covered with the remaining ash. 

This gives the Rotis a distinct taste of smoke and mud. It is eaten with a sauce of roasted onions, tomatoes, garlic, etc. in the fire of Kande. About 25 km from Panna, there is a famous dessert called Rasabhari at Kakaretti, which is filled with spices of dry fruits in Gulab Jamun and eaten with Rabri.

Amla is grown in abundance in this district. It is most commonly used in making marmalade. It is prepared by processing amla. This is a great way to preserve amla for a long time. You can also taste it here.

Diamond shopping

Diamonds can also be purchased from Panna.  Government auctions of diamonds are held twice a year, while diamonds can be purchased anytime from local jewelers.  People also sell fake and raw diamonds here, so keep in mind when buying diamonds and buy diamonds with a certificate from a legitimate seller. 

Apart from this, many items can also be purchased in Bundeli folk crafts. Different types of whistles and carved seeds can also be purchased by the Pardhi tribe.  Pictures made by local villagers can also be purchased here.

How and When to Go  

Khajuraho is the nearest railway station and airport to go to. It is 42 km from the city. The mild summer and winter season are considered suitable for a journey here.


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