Paithan Maharashtra: Paithani Saree & Paithan Dam


Paithan Maharashtra is situated on the banks of the broad-edged Godavari river.  The Godavari river is also known as the ‘Ganges of the South’.  You can also call Paithan the submerged eye of Godavari, that is, the eye of the holy Paithan, in which the flowing river of Godavari is like a river. In this article, we will learn about the world-famous Paithani Saree and world-famous Paithan Dam along with the Paithan Maharashtra.

Historical Facts of Paithan Maharashtra

The history of Paithan resembling this ancient river is also archaic.  Maharashtra is incomplete without penetration.  Paithan, located in the heart of Aurangabad district, is about 56 km from the district headquarters.  It is located at a distance.  This small town has once been the capital of the Satavahana dynasty.  Then it came to be known as Pratishthan.  used to go.  It is one of the major island cities mentioned in the first century Greek texts as ‘Periplus of the Erythrina Sea’.  

Geographical Facts of Paithan Maharashtra

Sant Eknath Maharaj,

The predominantly black soil of this region is very fertile.  It produces Jowar, millet, cotton, and sugarcane.  The seasonal fruits on the trees here look as if farmers have grown countless suns on the earth.  When the season of cotton flowers arrives, the Godavari river covers the cotton sheet with cotton flowers. When the millet and jaggery swing in the air of penetration, the music settles into a frame.  

Attraction & Fact About Paithan

In this blog, we will know about the attraction surrounding Paithan and also find the fact of Paithan (Maharashtra).

Land of Saints

Paithan is also known as ‘Land of Saints’.  This place is also the birthplace of Sri Nimbarkacharya, the founder of the Vaishnava Nimbarka sect tradition.  The city is also known as the ‘Digambar Jain Highlands’.  The 20-year-old Jain Tirthankara Munisuvratanath’s beautiful black colored murti is enshrined in the Jain temple, which is a three-and-a-half-foot tall Moolnayak statue in Ardhapadmasana Madra. 

Sri Nimbarkacharya

Here on every Amavasya, there is the journey and the great head abhisheka.  This statue was built by King Khardukshan.  The idols in other temples are of stone or metal, but here you get to see a statue made of sand and sand.

Tomb of Sant Eknath Maharaj

The city was also home to Sant Eknath Maharaj, whose tomb is here.  Eknath was a famous Marathi saint, born in the clan of Sant Bhanudas.  Saint Eknath, inspired by the spirit of humanity, tried to campaign for untouchability.  Along with being a saint, he is also considered an era-originating poet.  He has been the founder of the Varkari sect.  Saint Dnyaneshwar was born in the twelfth century and wrote ‘Dnyaneshwari’, which was also translated by Saint Eknath in the sixteenth century.  

Opinion of Scholars

Greek writer Ariane called Paithan a ‘Plethon’, and the Roman geographer Ptolemy who traveled to India wrote it as ‘Bathan’, calling it ‘Sptepolomeios’ (the name of Mr. Pulomavi II of the Satavahana king, 138 –  170 AD).  The unknown name of ‘Periplus of the Erythrina Sea’ is written by the author as ‘Pothan’.  

Heritage Temples & Buildings in Paithan

The historical buildings of old Paithan are still here, reminiscent of the past.  There is also a Mukteswar temple in these buildings.  On coming to the Eknath temple situated on the banks of the Godavari river, one must see the small pool where Saint Eknath took water samadhi in 1598 AD.  Historical buildings in the remnant form will still be seen in Paithan.

Eknath temple: Paithan

Apart from ancient temples, new temples will also be found here.  The woodwork done in these new temples is also visible.  There is also Nagaghat on the banks of river Godavari, where Ganpati’s temple is.  In the Mahabharata, this city has been called “Paudanya” and Chulla – Kalinga Jataka as “Potali”.  You will also find footprints of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj on the land of Paithan.  

Glorious History of Paithan

You will also find the glory of ancient Paithan in ‘Ashtadhyayi’ written by Panini.  This place has been a confluence of warriors, saints, and Sufis.  It was only during the reign of the first Satavahana king that the extent of Satavahana kingdom reached almost half of India.  Then it also remained under the Chalukya dynasty.  Later the Yadav dynasty also ruled here.  People of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain religion settled here. 

Periplus of the Erythrina Sea

The Mughals also came here during the medieval period.  In the 17th century, the Marathas thought about the religious and economic rise of Paithan.  The kings of the Andhra branch to be established in the establishment had added the adjective ‘Andrabhata’ to their names.  Coins of Andhra kings have been found in the archeological excavations, on which the Swastik symbol is inscribed.  Earthen sculptures, ivory and conch objects and ruins of houses have been found here.

The business Center of Dakshinapath

Nagaghat: Paithan

In ancient Buddhist literature, the reading or establishment is described as a city located at the southern end of the trade route from North India to South India.  It was considered the main trading center of the Dakshinapath.  Then it was a prosperous city.  A four-wheeled train used to go from here to Bharancha.  There was a time that Paithan was also traded to Rome.  

Popular for Religious Tourism

Paithan is more respected as a place of pilgrimage.  Foreign tourists also come here a lot.  Religion – Culture – Civilization – Penetration for history is like an open book in front of them, that’s why they call their trip as a study tour.  Here Gokul Ashtami is celebrated with fervor.  Dahi – Handi also awaits the entire Paithan throughout the year.  In the Siddheshwar temple of Mahadev, there is a special visit to the Mahashivaratri festival.

Raising the Paithan Fair

This huge fair is also known as the Paithan Yatra.  It is organized every year in the month of March near the Eknath temple complex, which lasts for about ten days.  During this time, when Paithanagri is seen wearing a colorful dress, then its beauty is seen.  During this time people gather at the Godavari Ghat and worship Eknath. 

Paithan Fair

In this regard, the residents of Paithan say that their mind is in the land of Saint Eknath.  Impressed by the religious culture here, they say that religion teaches us the lesson of peace and harmony.  Attempts to connect to its roots.  The visit of Saint Eknath every year reminds us that Paithan is the land of saints.

Dnyaneshwar Garden

The Dnyaneshwar garden here reminds you of the Vrindavan garden of Mysore for its unique style.  Here the green meadows look like miles of carpet.  Musical fountains have also been built to maintain their freshness and greenery.  Flowers blossom like stars to the tune of music. 

Dnyaneshwar Garden

There is a countless number of green trees – plants are quite relaxing to the eyes.  Among them, fruit orchards grab your attention with their fragrance.  It is built on 125 hectares, which is the largest garden in Maharashtra.  It is named after Saint Dnyaneshwar.

Jayakwadi Dam and Bird Sanctuary

This dam is built near Dnyaneshwar Gardens in the city.  About fifty species of colorful fish are also found in the Paithan dam (Jayakwadi dam), which makes the water’s mood colorful.  Paithan is in the Marathwada region, where adequate water supply is a problem. 

Jayakwadi Dam: Paithan Dam

In view of this, the foundation for the construction of the Paithan dam on the Godavari river was laid by Lal Bahadur Shastri, the second Prime Minister of our country.  The project is known as Jaikwadi, which aims to provide drinking water and water to industrial centers.  Made of clay, it is the first dam in Maharashtra. 

Migratory Birds

Jayakwadi Bird Sanctuary

Agnipakshi and other migratory birds meeting the waters of the Nathsagar lake adjacent to the dam across the sea for miles and come here. In 1986 it was recognized as a Sanctuary.  It is called ‘Bird-lovers’ paradise’.  Here more than 15 thousand birds from Central Asia, Uzbekistan, Siberia, Europe can be seen.  They will have about seventy species.  The Jaikwadi Bird Sanctuary is not only a Paithan but the main attraction of entire Maharashtra.

Penetration of Paithani Saree

In this paragraph, we know about world-famous Paithani Saree and its historical fact.

Historical Fact of Paithani Saree

If we take Paithani as a subject, then its history – geography is very detailed.  One can say that the view of this small town is wavy Paithani Saree.  The artistic texture of gold – silver wire, colored silky thread – color – with flowers – leaves as well as life, wildlife – gives the form of painting on the canvas of the sari.  Looking at it from a distance, it appears to be a Paithani print, but it is not printing, it is fine, textureless, Nafees texture. 

Paithani Saree

The hands that make up this sari are Maharashtrian, but Paithani is a nationwide outfit. It also crosses the border abroad.  Actually, Paithani is a specialty of weaving.  Do not ask the price of this saree, because it is an artwork.  Priceless art.  It is not the day, but the practice of months, just like the music of music.  The arrival of Paithani is a touch of the Godavari river.  Touching the body touches the mind. 

Paithan Design Co-Exhibition Center

Paithan Design Co-Exhibition Center

It is believed that the inspiration for making this saree came from the paintings done in the Ajanta cave.  If you want to buy this saree then go to the ‘Paithan Design Co-Exhibition Center’.  Readymade sarees are available there and sarees are also made on order.  It takes months to a year to make a saree.  It can be priced up to one million rupees.  By the way, the price of ‘Paithani saree starts from five thousand rupees.

Attractions Nearby Paithan

In this paragraph, we will know that there are a lot of scenic spots around the Paithan which we should start when the Paithan goes.


It is situated at a distance of 56 km from Paithan.  It is the city whose story is narrated all over the world.  Here is the fort of Daulatabad, Bibi Ka Maqbara, Panchakki, Aurangzeb’s tomb in Khuldabad.  Aurangabad calls everyone to look after them.  Shrishneshwar Jyotirlinga temple of Shiva is also built here, where there is a huge crowd of devotees. 

This place has its own beauty in the morning and evening on normal days.  Shivaji Maharaj museum in Aurangabad, Anand Sagar Chand Minar has its own identity.  If there is time, they should also be looked after. The city was the dreamland of the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb, where he realized his dream.  This city is true of Mughal history and Maratha history, which is part of the culture of India. 

You can also call Aurangabad as Greenland.  By the way, apart from Paithani sari, Aurangabad’s Himroo fabric also has its own identity.  It is a special texture that combines silk and cotton.  Marquetry between cotton and silk is made on seeing it.


When you go towards Aurangabad, you will hear the caves of Anjata-Ellora with both hands stretching out.  They settle in the bottom of your mind so that the heart does not want to return.  The greenery here attracts attention separately.  These caves and temples are located at a distance of about seventy kilometers from Paithan.

The scent of Marathi Flavor

Here you can usually enjoy the special taste of Maharashtra, such as the actual taste of Puranpoli, Misal Pav, etc.  Maharashtra is the leader in sugarcane production in India. The entire siege has been under siege of sugarcane fields.  The sugarcane juice which you ingest with fervor, its shop here is called ‘Raswanti Griha’. 


Jowar ki Bhakri is also eaten here with great passion.  Apart from Shak-Bhaji, you can also enjoy mutton chicken here, but fish is popular here. The produce of the Godavari river is the left fish.  Rohu is also easily found.  Hotel – Restaurant – Dhaba you will find in this taluk in a journey of taste.  New Durga is a popular name after food. 

Raswanti Griha

You can visit the antique shop of Babu Seth Halwai for sweets and garnish like Peda, Barfi, Balushahi, Milk cake, Kalakand, Gulab Jamun, which is also near the bus stand and near the courtyard in the old Paithan between the city.

How and When to Go 

Bus service is the most accessible means of connecting with Paithan. The nearest airport to reach here is in Aurangabad city. Well, one can come here in all seasons, but the best march is when Paithan Utsav is organized.


Thank you very much for reading this entire article. We learned about the Paithan Maharashtra very well in this blog. We tried our best to know about the Paithani Saree & Paithan Dam through this blog. If you liked this article, then definitely share it with your friends. And give us your valuable suggestions in the feedback option.

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