Narkanda: Best tourist place of Himachal Pradesh


Narkanda located in Himachal Pradesh is the oldest skiing destination in India, which is situated at an altitude of about 9000 feet above sea level. The beauty of the skyscraper peaks here and the cool serene environment attracts a lot. People who visit Shimla often go to Narkanda. Take a train from Delhi to Kalka and cab from there, It will take about 6 hours for tourists to reach Narkanda from Delhi. It is the best tourist place of Himachal Pradesh.

It takes more than 6 hours to listen, but it will not be known when eating on the dhabas of the paths and drinking tea in the ax, tied in the view of the long trees and winding paths. All the way there was a deep trenched on either side of the snake-like road, Do you see the peaks of the skyscraper’s heartbeats. 

The light peeping from the womb of clouds

Mountain Light

This small hill station, nestled in the colorful patterns of nature, kisses the sky and is nestled between deep hills till the center of the Earth. The cool breeze of tall trees keeps the juice solution in the cool environment here. You can enjoy a bonfire at the resort here. You will be surprised to see kiwi plants planted here. You will learn that male and female kiwi trees are organized and planted. 

You will be surprised to see the morning view. The sunlight falling on the peaks of distant mountains looks like the layers in the mountains and presents a wonderful sight. The other mountain crosses a mountain….. One peak lead on another peak… Rough bump…. still great coordination and balance. Here houses are built far away. You can walk in nature here. Apples are found scattered here on the streets, apple orchards are found here in abundance. Apples that get spoiled are thrown away.

Best Places Near Narkand

Tourists have lots of beautiful places to visit around Narkanda. Some of these main places are as follows :

Hatu peak

hatu temple

If you come here, you must go to see the Hatu peak. It is situated at the highest altitude in Narkanda. Here is the temple of Hatu Mata. It is located about 6 kilometers from Narkanda, it is located on National Highway 22. A lake has been built halfway here, who goes to hut peak. 

From here you will see the peaks of the Himalayas, On reaching Hatu Mata temple there is a strange feeling. This place is far from Sri Lanka, but it is said that Mandodari (wife of Ravan) was a devotee of Hatu Mata, because of which they built this temple. She used to come here every day to worship. This temple is made entirely of wood.

Bheem stove

apple garden

There are three big rocks about 500 meters from the Hatu temple. It is said that it is Bhima’s stove. It is believed that the Pandavas stayed here at the time of their exile and used to cook on this stove. If it was really their stove, then it is easy to think in mind how much food must be made. How big will be the utensils and how much material will be there.

Narkanda Market

Narkanda Market

The market here is as much as a street. Very small shops are randomly built. The special thing is that with the permission of the owners of the apple orchard, you can break the apple tree and taste it. Some Tibetan families also live on the small hill just behind the Kali temple.

How to reach

How to reach Narkanda

Buses are available from Shimla to Narkanda. The nearest railway station is Shimla. The journey from Shimla to Narkanda on National Highway 5 is about 2 hours. People can reach Narkanda by covering 65 kilometers from Shimla.


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