Maihar Temple: Maihar in Madhya Pradesh


Maihar, a tehsil of Satna district in the northeastern part of Madhya Pradesh, is famous in the world due to the temple of Mata Sharda and music seeker Ustad Alauddin Khan. It was approved by the state cabinet to make it a separate district on 18/03/2020. These days, preparations for Chaitra Navratri are going on loudly in Maihar Devi i.e. Sharda Temple.  Maihar Temple is a famous temple in India. Maihar in Madhya Pradesh is also an industrial city of India.

Maihar in Madhya Pradesh

Ancientness is the hallmark of Maihar in Madhya Pradesh. Here you can get a unique glimpse of the historical and cultural colors. A major purpose of coming to today’s industrial city Satna, situated on the banks of the river Tamas, is the darshan of Mata Sharda situated at Maihar, about 44 km from here.


If you are interested in the musical heritage of the country, then in this sense, Maihar is ready to welcome you. People from far and wide also visit the heritage of Ustad Alauddin Khan, the music seeker of Maihar Gharana. 

Maihar Temple: Beauty of Navratri

Maihar Temple

The biggest feature of Maa Sharada at Maihar is believed to be the unbroken flame burning here since the Goddess is seated on the Chitrakoot mountain. A crowd of devotees gathers here to see this light. Along with Mata, Kaal Bhairava, Hanuman, Devi Kali, Durga, Gaurishankar, Sheshnag, Phoolmati Mata, Brahma Deva, and Jalpa Devi are also worshiped on this mountain top. This entire area is suitable for those seeking spiritual peace. Coming to this place can give spiritual pleasure.

The Historicity of the Maihar Temple

It is believed that the idol of Mata Sharda was established in Vikram Samvat 559. The inscription is also inscribed in the Devanagari script on the statue. It is told that only Damodar, son of Saraswati, will be called Vyas Muni of Kali Yuga. Eminent historian A.V. Cunningham has researched this temple in detail.

Mata Sharda

The sacrificial practice was practiced here since ancient times, but in 1922, the then king of Satna, Brajnath Judeo, completely banned animal sacrifice. In Chaitra Navratri, on an average, around 20 lakh devotees come here for 9 days and about 25 lakh devotees come to worship on the day of Sharadiya Navratri.

Enjoy Ropeway

Maihar-based mother Sharda Devi has undergone many changes in recent years with modernity. Earlier, the devotees had to reach the temple by traveling up the stairs passing through the mountains, but now they can enjoy the ropeway and see the mother. A large number of devotees use the ropeway to reach the mother’s frame.

Maihar Ropeway

However, to reach the temple, the old stairs have been closed and new stairs have also been constructed. It takes about 2 hours to reach the temple from the stairs, while the devotees reach the temple in just 5 minutes via ropeway. According to the manager of Damodar ropeway, 25 trolleys have been installed for the visit of Maihar Mata.

A trolley has seating for 174 devotees. In this way, 100 devotees go from the bottom to the top through 25 trolleys. The trolley rotates from top to bottom respectively. Ropeways are maintained once or twice a year. At that time it remains closed for only one or two days. The distance from the ropeway route to the hill temple is about one and a half kilometers. The fare from the ropeway is ₹ 105.

Alha-Udal: Devotee of Mother

According to local legend, Maihar Devi is the only Sarada temple in the country. It is said that the brave warrior Alha of Bundelkhand got the boon of immortality from here. Regional residents told about this temple that Alha and Udal who fought with Prithviraj Chauhan were also devotees of Sharada Mata.

Alha Udal Talab

Both of them first discovered the temple of Sarada Devi amidst the forests. After this, Alha pleased Goddess by doing austerities in this temple for 12 years and Mother blessed her. There is also Alha Udal Talab near the temple here.

Birsinghpur Gavinath Temple

There is a Shiva temple in Birsinghpur in Satna district, which is said to have been attacked by Mughal ruler Aurangzeb here. An attempt was made by Aurangzeb to break the Shivalinga at Gavinath Dham, causing the Shivlinga enshrined in the temple.

Birsinghpur Gavinath Temple

However, to date, the faith of the devotees has not diminished and devotees reach from every corner of the country with the faith to see Baba. Lakhs of devotees reach Shiva Linga, especially during Shivratri and Savan month.

Tulsi Museum Ram Van

This archaeological museum is considered to be the main attraction of Satna district. After coming here, its name is mentioned in the list of tourists. The museum is located here at a place called Ram Van which is about 16 kilometers from the city of Satna. This museum was established in the year 1977.

Tulsi Museum Ram Van

People also know it as Tulsi culture. Here you can see the tableau of the glorious past of Satna district. Items of archaeological importance are neatly decorated here. A huge statue of Bajrangbali is installed outside the museum. This statue catches the attention of tourists from far away. This entire area seems delightful. 

Ustad Alauddin Khan: ‘Maihar Gharana’

Ustad Alauddin Khan was born in 1862 in Nabinagar Sub District (now Bangladesh), but he gave new heights to music by staying at a place called Maihar in India (MP). In 1935, he toured Europe with the ballet group of Pandit Uday Shankar. He died on 6 September 1972. Though he was a sarod player, he also had expertise in playing other instruments.

Ustad Alauddin Khan

He is said to have mastered playing 248 types of instruments. Even after this, his hunger to learn music was not reduced. He kept searching for a guru to learn music all his life. He invented an instrument such as a watercolor. Maihar’s name was illuminated around the world by devising more than 12 hundred ragas. 

Master of Masters

Be it Pandit Ravi Shankar or Hariprasad Chaurasia, famous film actor Prithviraj Kapoor or Acharya Rajneesh, all of them showed their way by teaching music like Baba or Ustad. Baba’s grandson Rajesh Ali says that this incident happened when Baba was returning home from the market.

On the way, a beggar was begging to play Dafli, but no one gave him 1 rupee. This pained them a lot. He took the Dafli from the beggar and spread his fingers and started playing the Dafli. A crowd of people gathered to listen. People looted money fiercely. Baba tied the bundle of money and gave all the money to the beggar. 

Establishment of Maihar Band

Maihar Band

Baba Alauddin Khan founded the Maihar Band as a band party in 1917 on the orders of the then Raja Brijnath Singh of Maihar. About 150 orphaned boys were then added to it. After independence, the formation of Vindhya Pradesh had come to an end in 1949, but the Central Government intervened and saved it. In 1955, the band was added to it by opening a college of music here.

Padma Bhushan Awarded

In the field of art, in 1958, Ustad was awarded the Padma Bhushan. In 1954, he was awarded the Sangeet Natya Academy Fellowship. His most important recordings were made in All India Radio from the 1950s to the 1960s.

Unique White Tiger Safari

Vindhya’s land is the mother of white tigers. This Vindhya region has given white tigers to the whole world. In Mukundpur White Tiger Safari, people from all over India and abroad only come to see White Tiger. Its distance is about 55 km from Satna and 60 km from Maihar. Amidst the forests of Sidhi is the village of Deva, where Rewa Maharaj set up a camp of hunting in honor of his guest Maharaja Ajit Singh.

White Tiger Safari

Near this is a cave on the banks of a rivulet in the forest of Pankhora, from where a white tiger cub was brought into its Gobindgarh district on 27 May 1951 by Maharaja Rewa Martand Singh Ju Deo in the Vindhya region. This was probably the last white tiger to be brought alive from the forest. Since this white tiger cub was appealing to everyone, it was named Mohan. This led to the breeding of tigers and then Govindgarh became famous as the first breeding center for white tigers in the world.

Madhavgadh Fort

The fort of Madhavgarh, located about 5 km from Satna district, was once the main center of the Rewa state. It was built on the banks of the Tamas River to avoid attack by enemies. The natural structure and its texture make it special. The design and art of its fort attract tourists.

Madhavgadh Fort

It is said that it was gifted to Baholkhand in the 18th century by Maharaja Vishwanath Singh Judeo of the princely state of Rewa. However, today or the fort is a victim of neglect. It is believed to be around 400 years old.

Satna and Maihar: Famous Industrial Plant

Satna and Maihar: Famous Industrial Plant

Many cement factories have been established in Satna and Maihar due to being situated between the hills of Vindhya. KJS Cement, Maihar Cement, and Reliance Cement plants are established here. Where cement is supplied all over the country. These factories provide employment opportunities to the local people. Employment can be provided to the youth by setting up more such factories here.

The special Taste of Khoorchan

Taste of Khoorchan

Satna is a region of northeast Madhya Pradesh. Due to the border area adjacent to Uttar Pradesh, the influence of Uttar Pradesh is seen on the food here. From Poha Jalebi of Madhya Pradesh, Moth Dal Namkeen to Shikanji of Uttar Pradesh, you can enjoy here. Rampur Baghelan of Satna is very famous in sweets. If you pass through the Satna Rewa road, then do not forget to taste the hoof there.

How and When to Go

Maihar is connected by rail route and road to NH 7 (National Highway). Maihar railway station is located between Katni and Satna stations of West Central Railway. Sharda Mata Temple is located at a distance of about 6 kilometers from Maihar railway station.

The nearest airport from Maihar in Jabalpur. Devotees coming from every corner of the country can travel to Jabalpur by air and then reach Maihar by train, private vehicle or taxi. Monsoon and wintertime are considered suitable for visiting here. However, due to Maihar Devi, there is an influx of devotees throughout the year.


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