Important Travel Tips: Travel Planning in 2020


Tourism means a few days’ long journey for the pleasure of entertainment. This is an opportunity that has been desired for years. The opportunity is difficult or has to be removed. Tourism travel is also with the group and with family members, most of the pleasant travel is considered to be with family members.

For family travel with tourists, we prepare a long time before the holidays. When you plan a trips, then you should know some important travel tips. In this article you will get some important tips about travel planning in 2020.

When it comes to vacation time, tourism travel can be of 15 days or even a month or more time-a-week program is the minimum program which we can enjoy only few selected tourist destinations. If the program is less than a week, then a brief tour is a big form of picnic party. Where is the real enjoyment of tourism in it?  A 15-day or month-long tourism program can truly prove the true joy of tourism and its everlasting memories.

Your recent out-of-pocket convenience and leisure depends on how many days of travel you schedule. Whether the program is for a few days or more, this is an opportunity in which you are out of your home and away from home to acquaintances and strangers are among. You can not get the convenience of home family when needed, in such a situation, it is important to make the necessary preparations on time before going on a tour.

Major  Tips for Travel Planning

Travel tips

There are 23 important tips for travelling , which come under these major 4 tips.

1. Six Information Tips For Travel Destination

travel tips

  • Get the complete information from the tourism department about the tourist destination you are going to visit and prepare the program in such a way that you can enjoy the tourism of more places in less time.
  • Note the names, addresses and phone numbers of road map, hotels and Dharamshalas related to the places where you have made your travel program, keeping it in a diary will save your time by reaching out to the city and inquiring people about it.
  • After the schedule is decided to travel by train or plane, then make reservation in time, make a booking in advance for the bus, check the tire tube engine of the vehicle for travel by own vehicle.
  • Keep your reservation ticket, hotel reservation details, your identity card ATM card or other similar card related to money withdrawal in a safe place to carry it, will give more cash, traveling with jewelry can be risky.
  • Just keep in mind the time of departure of the train, bus, plane from which you are going to travel. Just keep an accurate assessment of the distance from the place of residence to reach the rail vanity. Get out of the house some time ago so that even if there is any disruption in the route. You arrive on time.
  • If going on a trip to a cold place, then arrange enough warm clothes and keep some clothes that are loosely fitting, which are convenient to wear in travel.

2. Six Luggage Packing Tips

Luggage Packing Tips

  • Travel with you as little luggage as possible, make small use of suitcase, briefcase bag, etc., which every member of the house can associate with carrying. Small items are also convenient for placing under or above the seats of the bus, train and plane.
  • If there is a group trip with many people, then keep the name slip on your belongings so that the chances of changing the luggage are minimized. Even with family members, if there is a slip on the name address on the goods, then even in an unusual situation, it will be able to get you.
  • Things to do during the trip, eat snacks, water, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, towel, change clothes, and other useful cosmetics, keep them in a light bag briefcase. So that you can easily take them out and keep them when you need them. You can avoid this by rinsing them in the middle of heavy goods and closing all the goods.
  • While going to the hill station, take full care of the temperature there and take warm clothes accordingly. Woolen sweater itself is sometimes not enough. In the face of cold, overcoat muffler, hot hat, cold air escape glasses, shoes raincoat folding umbrella Must keep. Read more
  • If you are traveling with children, then according to their age, take their food items and Keep packets of biscuit chips, homemade sweets with dry fruits in a bag that is close to you so that they can open it whenever they want so that they can give food and drink to children.
  • Before traveling, first aid items cotton swabs antiseptic cream banded headaches stomach aches and diarrhea medicine iodex vicks, etc. Do not forget to keep in the nearest bag, which you keep at home for home use. People who take regular medication for a particular merge, such as patients with heart, diabetes, blood pressure, gastric trouble, take their entire medication for the same number of days, and travel for the same number of days is scheduled. Because the medicine that your doctor has prescribed is not necessarily available in other cities.

3. Five Tips for Journey

Travel tips

  • At large railway stations, there are cloak houses. Instead of tipping the burden of heavy luggage with you, deposit the goods in a cloak house and take slip. Handle slip carefully. Some goods may also require locks to store goods, be aware of. Take the required lock key, select the lock may be required to tie the luggage in the train, and also arrange it.
  • Do not eat and drink with any unknown person during travel. It may contain a specific drug or poison. Do not unnecessarily get off the car to take a stroll on the platform when the train stops during the journey, as the train may miss the train in an attempt to board the compartment in haste or it could be an accident, this is the same thing during bus travel.
  • Do not touch any unclaimed item while traveling. If suspected, inform the guard or police: Unclaimed object may be explosive.
  • May not get more open among all passengers, just talk on essential things. Laughing can be a stressful environment by arguing funny.
  • Do not take the risk of getting into the water by standing at a safe place on the sea waterfall bridge sea and taking pictures at these places.

4. Six Precautionary Things When Leaving Home

Travel planning

  • Carefully close all the window doors of the house before departure. Pulling the curtain from the inside, make sure that you are unlikely to steal the house behind you.
  • Turn off the regulator of gas, turn off all taps and electrical appliances properly. Be sure to separate the freeze and the TV cable. Switch off the mains.
  • Please inform the domestic servant of the milk newspaper in advance that you will not stay at home till such and such day or date.
  • Any edible fruit and vegetable that can spoil and melt behind you, don’t leave them.
  • If you are going on a long journey, do not forget to keep phenyl tablets in the bookshelves of clothes.
  • Save one of your trusted neighbors so that they can call home after you. If there is a domestic servant who can guard the house behind you, then leave a room outside the house for which he can sit up and lie down. From time to time, make phone contact on the mobile phone from time to time, keep the efficient area of ​​the house occupied by the neighbors. This will increase harmony and neighbors will continue to pay attention to the maintenance of the house.

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