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If you find a beautiful combination of nature, tradition and ancient culture in one place, what will you call it?  That is that such places are the ideal stop for tourists.  Gokarna in western Karnataka is one such small city, which is also known as ‘Kashi of South’.  The Mahabaleshwar temple here sees a huge crowd during Shivratri. In this article, we will know about Famous Gokarna beach and the spiritual Gokarna temple.

Spatial Position

Imagine how beautiful it is to have beautiful beaches along with mountains, rivers, and forests in one place.  Also, there should be places associated with mythological legends.  Your imagination can come true by coming to Gokarna.  Rich in natural beauty, this place is very famous among travelers – tourists and those who research animals and animals.  Despite being outskirts of the Western Ghats mountain range, it receives heavy rainfall, which contributes to enabling both the cultivation and the forest land. 

The Reason For The Name Gokarna 

This place is located in the North Kanada district of Karnataka.  The question arises of how this place must have been named Gokarna. For this, both the geographical location and the legend of this place can be resorted to.  There is a local belief that Gokarna got this name in ancient times.  According to a legend, Shiva was sent to the palace by Brahma, from where he came out on the way to the ear of the cow. 

Gokarna tour

The geography of this place defines this name in a different way.  The site is situated at the confluence of two rivers named Gangavali and Aghanashini.  The geography here looks like the shape of a cow’s ear, so it is also called Gokarna!  

Natural Attraction of Gokarna

Coming to Gokarna, it seems as if nature has decorated this place itself, let us know about the natural beauty of the place.

From Chaos to Peace

Gokarna is a paradise for tourists who want to spend a quiet and exciting time in the lap of nature away from the urban hustle and bustle.  Long before entering here, the Sahyadris start attracting the unrivaled greenery of the hills and the fields lying like green sheets under it.  Naturally made paths, trekkers are easily liked, walking on which the sounds of birds, rare creatures and trees and plants provide a unique experience.

Spirituality of Gokarna

Spirituality of Gokarna

Spiritualism, fun and intoxicating natural scenes delight the mind as soon as one enters Gokarna.  This small town situated on the banks of the Arabian Sea has been famous as an important tourist destination of Southwest India since ancient times.  Till recently, the main reason for its fame has been the Mahabaleshwar temple and the Koti shrine located here. Its popularity in the tourism sector in the last decade has added new dimensions to the geographical beauty between here and there.

Geographical Beauty of Gokarna

In addition to the natural scenery in order to move here, what attracts attention separately is the comfortable, free and happy life of the local residents. The streets here take you into a world that may at once even look ancient.  Then you find yourself standing somewhere at the meeting point of history and present. Gokarna has been identified as a religious tourist destination.  It is one of the seven major pilgrimage centers of Hindu belief.  As soon as you set foot in Gokarna, this identity begins to meet.

Adorable Gokarna Beach

Gokarna beaches are famous not only in Karnataka but all over India and all over the world. Seeing natural beauty here, it seems that the mind has stopped. There is a feeling of amazing peace here.

Gokarna Beach

Earlier Gokarna was known for its religious places, but now its fame is changing.  Now the beaches of this place are being identified.  This is the reason that instead of devotees among tourists, the number of tourists and people who enjoy fun is increasing. 

Gokarna Beach

Whenever there is a reference between here, Goa is definitely mentioned.  Goa is known for its beaches, but those who do not like the crowd there can come or come towards Gokarna.  The beaches here are relatively calm and charming.  There is no better way to sit on a rock and watch the setting sun. 

Other Beaches of Gokarna

Here Gokarna, Kudle, Om, Half Moon, and Paradise are the five main places where people like to come.  Most of the activities related here are around them.  This beach is famous for its serene environment, golden sand, beach sac, and seafood.

Enjoy Yoga at Kudle Beach

Yoga at Kudle Beach

A unique experience of yoga can be enjoyed on the beach in Gokarna.  People looking for inner peace can be seen by Kudule Beach Pariyog.  Many instructors are also present there for this work.  Exercise done in the soft light of the sinking and rising sun with the sound of sea waves is the best way to control the movement of the runes.

Things To Do at Gokarna Beach

The thrill of Beach Trekking

There are many of us who like mountains and then there are many people who like the sea.  Imagine if both types of geographical conditions merge together!  Yes, along the shores of Gokarna – the Western Ghat hills run parallel to each other. 

Gokarna Beach Trekking

Trekking enthusiasts do not miss this experience.  This trek of almost ten kilometers gives an amazing opportunity to see the sea from a height.  It is an easy trek, but its beauty is unmatched.  With the help of these hills from one to the other, there are various forms of nature.

A Unique Experience of Cave Trekking

it is also a suitable destination for people who like cave trekking.  It is located in Yana village in the middle of dense forest, about 40 km from Gokarna, where there is a hill to go, but no one remembers the difficulties of climbing there. 

Cave Trekking: Gokarna

Two huge rocks named Mohini Shikara and Bhairaveshwar Shikara, the cave within them and the surrounding greenery create a wonderful view.  The satisfaction obtained by reaching there is a different type.  As is the case with every temple of Gokarna, the cave and its rock-related legends are prevalent.

Water Sports Lover’s stronghold

A small town famous for its temples, there are a lot of activities for those who are fond of sea adventures.  A variety of water sports can be enjoyed on these beaches.  Actually, here is a thrilling interview. 

Water Sports: Gokarna

Where one can enjoy jet ski on Om Beach, sitting on the Banana boat can be done with sea waves of the Arabian Sea.  Other activities here are parasailing, scuba diving, etc.  If you compare this place with Goa, due to fewer crowds here, there is a much better facility at cheaper rates.

Gokarna Temple & Religious Place

Gokarna is always known for its spirituality and religious places. Today, it has been replaced by worldly entertainment and materiality, but still, travelers from far and wide come to see the religious places here.

Mahabaleshwar Temple: Kashi of the South

Gokarn Temple

Devotees from far and wide visit this temple dedicated to Shiva.  This temple has the distinction of being one of the oldest temples in Karnataka.  This temple is also mentioned in mythological epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata. Due to the importance of this temple in these texts, Gokarna was called Kashi of the south. 

The Architecture of Gokarn Temple

Mahabaleshwar is considered to be a form of Shiva.  People of the Shaiva sect also worship him in this form.  Devotees come here in large numbers on Mahashivaratri and offer prayers.  The walls of this ancient temple built in granite stone in Dravidian style are a big attraction for those interested in archeology and architecture. 

These walls take you back to the fourth century when the local Kadamba dynasty king Mayurasharma built this temple.  The chariot standing in the courtyard of this temple seems to symbolize the widespread tradition of carrying out the temple and its Deities in South India.

Koti Tirtha: A sacred pond 

This pond is located a short distance from Mahabaleshwar Temple.  It is believed that it is the origin of thousands of streams.  People consider it holy.  It is also believed that taking a bath in it eliminates sins. 

Koti Tirtha: A sacred pond

Separating from religious beliefs, this pond has special significance.  Due to such a large source of sweet water near the sea, it must have been famous since ancient times and with this, the stories of religious purity have been associated with it.

The Surroundings are also Special


This whole area seems special.  The first special place is Goa, which is about 150 kilometers from here.  National Highway No. 66 (formerly known as NH 17) has a special place in India’s road trip.  This national highway broadly connects the northern and southern ends of India with the help of the western coastline.  The road from Goa to Gokarna or Gokarna to Goa also falls on this highway. 

Mango Orchards

This area of ​​the Konkan coast is famous for its mango orchards, especially Alphonso mangoes. A trip from Goa to Gokarna in the Mango season is a distinct pleasure.  Eating fresh ripe mangoes from mango shops in front of the roadside gardens can be one of the most spectacular moments. 

Mango Orchards

Many unknown beaches are found along this path, whose beauty is still untouched.  Such as Murudeshwar, which is located in the northern Kanada district.  It is 80 kilometers from Gokarna.  This place is famous for its temple and beach.

Shopping Pleasure

The special thing about Gokarna is that there are many markets here that can cater to the demands of tourists.  Some markets are also near the beach, but the most famous market is Car Street!  There are many shops on this street, in which buying anything can easily get opportunities to connect with the local people. 

Shopping Pleasure: Gokarna

From here, you can buy brass lamps and other items used in pooja-Vidhan, instruments, local cashew, handicraft items.  A special type of jaggery is found in this street, which is called kallu-sugars.  It is jaggery, but slightly stiff.  If you ever come here, then definitely try your own bargaining power in this market!

How and When to Go

The nearest airport is in Goa, from which it is about 150 kilometers.  From here one can come here by road.  Ankola is the nearest railway station, which is connected by rail to almost all major places in the country. The distance of Gokarna by road is about twenty kilometers.  Buses, taxis, etc. operated by the Government of Karnataka are easily available to come here.  October to March is a favorable time to visit here, this season makes your trip special.


Thank you very much for reading this entire article. We learned about the Gokarna very well in this blog. We tried our best to know about the Gokarna beach and Gokarna temple through this blog. If you liked this article, then definitely share it with your friends. And give us your valuable suggestions in the feedback option.

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