Chhindwara in MP: Pench National Park


Chhindwara city of Madhya Pradesh is situated in the midst of the beautiful lovers of nature. You can feel the fragrance of the rich local culture as soon as you enter here. In order to increase tourism, the Corn Festival is held here every year and from November to January, the Rated thrilling sports festival of Patalkot. In this article, we will know about Chhindwara in MP. we will also know about Pench national park famous wildlife sanctuary of India.


History of Chhindwara in MP

The memories of the Gondwana rulers and Queen Durgavati have been forgotten among the plaintiffs of Chhindwara. Deogarh is the main place of Chhindwara. Which once came under the Gond Empire. The queen is aware of Durgavati that she did not allow this land of Gondwana to be under the Mughals.

Queen Durgavati

Not only its historical prosperity, but the local culture of this city also captivates. Seeing the artistic skills of the local people, you will press the finger under the teeth. If you are looking for peace in the midst of nature then this city will fill you in the arms.

Geographical Landscape of Chhindwara

The five major rivers named Pench, Kanha, Kul Bahra, Jam Sugars, and Dudhi irrigate the city with its water. Madhya Pradesh is known for its forests, but coming to Chhindwara you will find that the forests here are special. Actually, most of the area here is covered with dense forests. Along with the natural forests of teak, dense forests of bamboo, sal, tendu, etc. are also found. The forests here have a variety of herbs and spices.

Apart from this, amla, Chironji, and many types of medicines are readily available here. You would be surprised to know that the orange from which Nagpur is identified, actually originates in Chhindwara. In this way, if the city is called a ‘fruit basket’, it will not be an exaggeration. Orange and pomegranate crops grow in abundance here. Not only this, but Chhindwara also has the highest maize production in Madhya Pradesh. Recently the Corn Festival was organized in Chhindwara.

Special Dates of Chhindwara

Special Dates of Chhindwara

In Chhindwara, ‘Chhind’ means dates and ‘Wada’ means place. Since palm trees are in abundance here, it got its name. Dates are very much recognized in the lives of the tribal people here. People of tribal society also make Sehra, which is decorated on the groom’s head at the time of marriage, with green leaves of dates.

The Attraction of Chhindwara & Pench National Park

There is a lot of places to visit in Chhindwara, where some special places will be mentioned below, Pench National Park is very famous here.

Pench National Park’s Rich Biodiversity

Pench National Park is about 75 km from Chhindwara. The name of Pench National Park, located between Seoni and Chhindwara districts of Madhya Pradesh, is based on the Pench river flowing here. This river flowing in the north and south direction separates this land into two parts. Situated amidst beautiful valleys and hills, Pench National Park has been made a national park under Project Tiger. 

Pench National Park

Pench National Park is a rich forest area with flora and fauna. Where you can also see endangered species of creatures. As you travel further through the forest paths, images of Mowgli appear in front of you and bring back memories of childhood.

Migratory Birds Gathering

Migratory Birds

You can also see more than 210 bird species in Pench National Park, which has more number of migratory bird species. You can see peafowl, junglefowl, crimson-breasted barbets, Brahmi Duck, pochard, bar-headed geese, Malabar Pied Hornies, etc. here.

Traveling Season

Pench season is warmer in May and heavy rains begin here during July-August. Sometimes in May, the temperature goes up to 42 degrees, while in December the temperature drops to 4 degrees. The park remains closed in July and August due to heavy rainfall. Also, the Pench River usually dries up due to the hot weather in May i.e. after August you can visit here.

Distinct Identity of Patalkot

The population here is of the Bharatiya and Gond tribal communities, which still depend to a large extent on natural systems. The descendants of this tribe are said to have resided here in the Patalkot area for the last 500 years. This place has naturally become a deep trough fort.

Pench National Park

The surrounding mountain ranges are about 1200–1500 feet high from its foothills. The Dudhi River flows from near it. Presently routes to go down have been made. Earlier, people used to hold vines, vines, and trees and came up and down. This place is noted for its valuable herbs. People living here prevent injuries and diseases with these herbs.

Patalkot Hill

The most special thing about Patalkot is that due to being below ground and surrounded by the hills of Satpura, the sunlight reaches late in a large part of it, even less so that it is seen at night even in the day. Clouds appear in this valley as if they are swimming during the rains. If a person reaches here, he will feel that he has come to a different world within the earth. 

Sports festival Of Chhindwara

Looking at the tribal lifestyle of Patalakot one can feel the ancient era. The thrilling sports festival was started in the year 2009 in the upper village of the Ratal in Patalkot and attracted tourists for tourism here. Since then the festival has been taking place every year between November and January. With this, Patalakot has started gaining importance in the tourism map. 

State-Tribal Museum

There is also a magnificent museum in Chhindwara presenting a live tableau of the surrounding tribal society, named Shri Badal Bhoi State Tribal Museum. Badal Bhoi was a revolutionary tribal leader of the district. The 14 rooms, three galleries, and two open galleries of this museum depict about 45 tribal cultures of tribal communities living in the state of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. It is the oldest and largest tribal museum in Madhya Pradesh.

Shri Badal Bhoi State Tribal Museum

In a way, there is a treasure house, which is a repository of ancient and rare collections of items related to the tribes living in the state. Items related to their homes, clothes, jewelry, weapons, agricultural implements, art, music festivals, religious activities, herbal, etc. can be seen here. The museum sheds light on the rich tradition and ancient culture of the tribal community. The living styles of major tribes like the Gonds and Baiga are also depicted here.

Deogarh Fort is Heritage

Situated about 42 kilometers on the route from Chhindwara to Nagpur, this fort is built on a hill, known as Deogarh. It is situated at an altitude of 650 meters above sea level and is surrounded by a deep valley with dense reserve forests. It was built by the Gond rulers in the 16th century. Gond is a tribe living in Madhya Pradesh, who ruled many places of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh in the 16th century.

Deogarh Fort: Chhindwara

Deogarh is discussed in Badshahnama and other Mughal literature. At the time of Akbar, the Jatav kingdom was as far as the present Chhindwara, Nagpur, and Bhandara. At the time of Bakht Buland, it was named Islamabad. The capital shifted from Deogarh to Nagpur due to the invasion of the Mughals at the time of his son Sultan. It is now a heritage protected by the Archaeological Survey Department.

Major Places Around Chhindwara

Some of the prominent places in Madhya Pradesh and India are also around Chhindwara, some of which are prominent which are mentioned below.

Ardhanarishwar Jyotirlinga

Ardhanarishwar Jyotirlinga is located in the village on the banks of the river Serpini in the Satpura ranges in Sausar taluka of Chhindwara district, about 62 km from Chhindwara. In relation to this, it is believed that this is the Jyotirlinga shrine. It falls on the Bhopal Nagpur National Highway.

Ardhanarishwar Jyotirlinga

Legendary belief is that this region of Dandakaranya is the ascetic site of Shukracharya, the guru of the Asuras. Here Ardhanarishwara is enthroned as Lord Jyotirlinga. The temple complex is ancient, the temple was renovated between the 13th century and 15th century by Gond Raja of Deogarh and Bhonsle Raja of Nagpur.

Kukdi Khapa Waterfall

Kukdi Khapa Waterfall

Kukdi Khapa is a spectacular waterfall, which is situated in the picturesque Sillevani mountain range on the Chhindwara-Nagpur route. This beautiful 60 feet high waterfall is an ideal place for a day’s picnic. It can be reached from Umranala and Ramakona. A panoramic location of the Kukdi Khapa Falls from Chhindwara to Nagpur Narrow Gauge railway line is found between Umranala and Ramakona stations.

‘Anhoni’ Village Attraction

From Chhindwara district, Jhirpa is situated on the Rice Water Road, 13 and on the Anhoni Panchayat Rice Water Road, 18 km from Matkuli. This religious place is located in the border of forest area, about 5 kilometers from the main road, is the center of faith. Hot water is available throughout the year due to natural reasons in Village Anhoni.

Local people call it the Goddess effect, the same scientific reason is said to boil in the water due to the abundant sulfur in the ground below. It is believed that bathing in it relieves skin diseases. Near the Kund are the Anhoni Mata and Hanuman temples, whose fame is far and wide. A seven-day fair is held on Makar Sankranti.

Hinglaj Temple Ambara

Hinglaj Temple Ambara

The ancient Hinglaj temple in India is located in Ambara in Umreth police station area, about 35 km from Chhindwara district headquarters. The fame of the Hinglaj temple is far and wide. The faith of the people towards Mata Rani is such that thousands of devotees arrive in Navratri every day to visit and seek blessings.

Taste of Corn Dishes

Chhindwara is known for corn production. It is the largest producer of maize in the country. The corn festival is organized here in December every year. In which more than 200 dishes of maize are prepared and served. Most of the population in Chhindwara is tribal.

Taste of Corn Dishes

Here in Patalakot, one gets to taste the primitive dishes of the tribes. When you go to Patalkot, you should have a meal in the house of a tribal family there. These people arrange food on request in advance. Pawan Srivastava, who runs a social entrepreneur called Tribal Escape, has made a new beginning in Tamaya under the name ‘Patalakot ki Rasoi’, under which tribal tastes are served to the common people. In this kitchen, food is prepared by women from tribal villages.

Variety of Corn Dishes

Variety of Corn Dishes

In which maize pudding, maize vegetable, maize khichdi, maize kheer, and small wild tomato sauce, Jowar and urad roti, millet, maize roti, Ghughri ki sabzi, gram ki greens, Barbati Of lentils, Bassia ki puri, sycamore bread, etc. There is a special type of rice called Kutki. It is the earliest rice crop, which is considered to be the ancient crop. It does not use insecticides or chemicals.

Peja Energy Drink

The tribal people here drink a special type of energy drink, which is called Peja. It is prepared from maize and rice. After drinking it, energy remains throughout the day. If you are a non-savvy lover, then desi cock is made here with great fervor for you. A special type of rooster is also made on order. This rooster is completely black, whose temperature is very hot.

Enjoy Shopping

Natural items are very good in Chhindwara, such as products made from amla and aloe vera. There is a treasure of natural herbs obtained from the forests here. You can also take pure honey from here. Here Chironji is born. Amarwada is a tehsil of Chhindwara, Asia’s largest Chironji mandi. From here you can buy genuine Chironji.

Enjoy Shopping

There are an orange and pomegranate belt around Chhindwara. The juicy oranges here are sent all over India. In the city of Chhindwara, there is an organization called ‘Asha’, which combines Gond art with block printing and produces fine block printing garments. His own brand Cotton Fab is very famous. You can buy clothes from here.

Sarees are made on handlooms in the Sausar tehsil of Chhindwara. You will find Sausar silk sarees at big outlets like Mriganayani, but from here you can buy luxurious Sausar silk sarees directly from weavers at low prices. Silk sarees offer a fine art of fine weaving.


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