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If you want to see the golden past, then the city of Bijapur is ready to welcome you. A huge crowd gathers here on Makar Sankranti. The inspiration to build the Taj Mahal was taken after seeing Ibrahim Roja Tomb located in Bijapur. Bijapur Karnataka is a sample of the best architecture not only in India but in the whole world. Bijapur Gol Gumbaz is itself a unique piece of engineering and architecture.

History Of Bijapur Karnataka

Vijayapura, the ancient name of the Bijapur district of Karnataka state, located about 530 km from Bengaluru. The history of Bijapur Karnataka, which was the capital of the Adil dynasty in the medieval period, is a reminder of its golden past. This Kannada-speaking city welcomes tourists. The variety will be found in the food here. Adorned with orchards of sunflower, groundnut, grape, pomegranate, plum, guava, Chiku and lime, Bijapur boasts five rivers Krishna, Doni, Bhima, Ghatprabha, and Malaprabha in its zenith. 

The city was inhabited in the 10th-11th century by the kings of the Kalyani-Chalukya dynasty, which later remained under the Yadav dynasty. The Bahmani Sultanate was established here in 1347 AD. After that, the Adilshahi Sultanate was ruled. The weather is pleasant from September to February in view of tourism in this city with clean roads and Mughal architecture.

City Cleanliness and Good Roads

Road of Bijapur

The roads of Karnataka are impeccable. Even a pit will not be visible by finding. On these roads, like the dark sky of the night, these roads are laid on the earth, as if the intoxication of the night is left in the eyes of the earth. However, like other cities of the country, today there is no place to set foot on the roads. Here, women are either masked or Gajra with hair. Women apply flowers in the hair so that the moisture and aroma of the flowers get to the hair. 

Unsurpassed Bijapur Gol Gumbaz

Bijapur Gol Gumbaz is India’s largest and the world’s second-largest dome. The diameter of this huge dome is 44 meters and height is 51 meters. It took 30 years to build. It was built in 1626 AD by Yakut of the Persian architect Dabul. The surprising thing is that it does not have a single pillar to support. It is a mausoleum dome, inside its main hall is a square platform surrounded by four steps.

Bijapur Gol Gumbaz

In the middle of this platform is the tombstone, below which is the tomb of Muhammad Adil Shah, Sultan of Bijapur. On the inner periphery of the dome is a circular corridor. The British named it Hui Whispering Gallery. Because the words spoken by whispering on one side of this corridor are also heard clearly on the other side. Not only this, but a voice in the gallery also resonates seven times. Singers used to sing in this gallery at that time so that their voices could be heard to every corner.

The view of the entire Bijapur city can be taken over the Gol Gumbaz. There are four towers at the four corners of the building. The tomb made of dark brown basalt stone is a marvelous specimen of South Indian Mughal architecture, which merges with the Dravidian architectural style. This octagonal building is adorned with beautiful carvings, flowers, niches, and arches. Leaf walls and geometric shapes are etched on the walls. Diamond cut pattern work appears on the walls of the Whispering Gallery. Such work done on the stone on the outer wall of the dome is assured that flowers also feed in the stone.


The Malik-E-Maidan in front of Gol Gumbaz has been converted into a building and museum. A 55-ton cannon is placed at its gate, whose mouth looks like the shape of a lion’s head. Some fractal sculptures and relics are kept in this museum, which narrates the story from the 8th to the 16th century. The eighth-century stone-handled dumbbell placed here tells how aware people were even then for health and beauty. Statues of Shivling Ganapati, Mahavira, Buddha are also decorated here.


The attraction of this museum is a huge inscription, which is written in Arabic, Persian and Kannada. The Shivling and the Moon are together above the building, which gives the message of religious harmony. The activities, lifestyle, and contribution of the Adilshahi Sultanate have been preserved here for centuries as furnishings of the museum. The coins of the Adilshahi Sultanate in this museum are still tinged by remembering the bygone days.

Other Attractions of Bijapur

Bara Kaman, Gagan Mahal, and Jami Masjid

Reciting the historical saga in the heart of Bijapur city, cement is not used to erect twelve arches in Bara Kaman, but iron rings have been used in it. Gaganmahal is also known for its attractive structure. Its other name is Akash Mahal. The Jami Masjid located in Bijapur is the oldest and largest mosque in South India. 

Bara Kaman

Inside the mosque, goldwork on the front wall is inscribed. A copy of the Holy Quran written in gold is also kept in this mosque. Around 20,000 people can offer Namaz together here. The outer wall of the mosque has finely carved flower-leaves. Looking at it, it seems as if the stone wall hangings have been hung on the wall.

Anand Mahal

Anand Mahal

Anand Mahal of Bijapur has now been converted into Gymkhana Club. This two-storied palace was once home to the women of the royal family. The murals of the palace take you to the medieval era. In this, the man and woman are depicted in many postures. 

Chand Bawdi

Chand Bawdi

Chand Bawdi is a beautiful place built by Ali Adilshah on the eastern border of Bijapur city. It was called Chand Bawdi after the name of Ali Adilshah’s wife Chandbibi. When the Vijayanagara Empire collapsed, a large number of people entered Bijapur. At that time, a change was needed in the city’s infrastructure. Therefore, tanks with a storage capacity of 20,000,000 liters of water were constructed. Shortly thereafter, Chand Bawdi became an example for tank construction in Bijapur.

Ibrahim Rauza Tomb: Taj-Mahal of South India

Bijapur is called the ‘Agra of South India’ because Shah Jahan is believed to have inspired the design of the Taj Mahal from Ibrahim Rauza, the building here. Ibrahim Rauza is the mausoleum of Adil Shah II and his queen. Its structure is a unique marvel of  Persian Mughal architecture, built on a slab of rock. This 360 feet tall building has fine carving work. On the roofs and walls, there are countless Kangurs and bell boots. The petals of the lotus flower remain. Its architecture is astonishing.

Ibrahim Rauza Tomb

The lattice carving is as if the cloth has been embroidered instead of stone. Seeing the work done on the wood of the window door and the stones of the building gives the illusion of stone being wood and wood being stone. The doors of the art building, adorned with arches and lights, resemble flowers and leaves written on the windows. It is believed that if it was made of white marble, it would probably be more beautiful than the Taj Mahal.

Taj-Mahal of South India

Shri Siddheshwar Temple

Siddheshwar Temple is also known as Sri Siddharameshwara Temple. The Sankranti festival is organized every year in the month of January in this temple. Sankranthi festival is called the Siddheshwar festival. During this, Aarti is performed round the clock for 5 consecutive days. These 5 days of the year wait for Karnataka all year long. These days there are various cultural programs. 

Shri Siddheshwar Temple

During this time the whole city is present to listen to Carnatic music. People also call this festival a music festival. During this time there is also a Cattle Festival, in which millions of animals like cows, bulls, buffaloes are brought. The animal sale is also a specialty of this fair. It is also fair for farmers. In such a situation, farming tools are also sold in it. Animal competitions and wrestling riots are also held. 

Rath Yatra Procession

A chariot-journey procession is taken out of the Siddheshwar temple during the festival. Which passes through the entire city with a string of instruments. Dressed bulls and bullock carts are part of the procession. The main attraction is 50 feet long bamboo, which is called Nandi. The urn is placed on it. Devotees pick up that Nandi and walk together.

Jewelry & Saree Shopping

If you go to this city, do not forget to buy Lambani Jewelry. It is the traditional jewelry which is the hand of the Lambani tribals. It is made by mixing copper white metal and silver. The unique saree of top technique is also not made anywhere else in the country other than Bijapur.

Other handicrafts can also be purchased from Bijapur, such as coin-made jewelry, rosewood sculptures, silk carry bags, kadhai dar waist belts, and antique metal armlets. In this way, when you come to visit, do not forget to shop from the markets here.

Taste Of Bhakri and Palya flavors

Taste Of Bhakri and Palya flavors

These South Indian dishes are found naturally. But Mughlai is the real flavor of this city. You will also find Hyderabadi Continental and Chinese cuisine here. Milk cake is a special offering from Bijapur. Excellent dishes of mutton chicken are available here, so roti Bhakri made from Jowar millet is also eaten here with great fervor. The streets of this city are scented with fragrant spices. Vegetables made from Palya are very popular.

When and How to Go

The nearest airport is at Sholapur in Maharashtra, which is about 98 kilometers from Bijapur? Belgaum Airport in Karnataka is about 185 km away. It is connected to the entire country by rail and road. To roam the city, there are various modes of transport including auto-rickshaws, buses, taxis, taxis. While the city welcomes tourists throughout the year, the best time to visit here is between the months of September to February, when the average temperature here is between 20 to 30 degrees.


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