Bhilwara Tourism Places: Tourist Place Of Rajasthan


Streets adorned with modern houses and periodically dazzling homes featuring old Rajasthani architecture, people clad in traditional attire with smiles on their faces, you realize that you are in a city that is a place of modernity and tradition. Balancing effortlessly. In this blog, we will learn about Bhilwara tourism places and the famous tourist place of Rajasthan.

It is also called Manchester of Rajasthan. It is also known as an asbestos city due to the founding of many useful minerals called asbestos. From this point of view, it seems to be an industrial city at a glance, but as you become familiar with this city, it will also look devoted to art culture. 

Towards Steady Progress

In the medieval period, the war between the rulers of Delhi and the kings of Mewar had the effect of Bhilwara. After this, the city went on desolate, but then in the 17th and 18th centuries, its beauty returned. This was possible with the foresighted efforts of Colonel James Tod and Rana Bhim Singh, political agents of the princely state of Udaipur. 

Tourist Place Of Rajasthan

It can be said that together they changed the fortunes of this city. After the year 1818, this city kept progressing rapidly and since then it has seen many stages of development. Today its identity in the field of the textile industry is abroad. It is an industry with a turnover of crores. 

Enjoy Folk Dance

If you come here, be sure to enjoy the local dances and meet their dedicated artists. Especially if you are fond of folk dances, then this place will easily make you yours. The festivals and festivals are considered incomplete without dance. The Ger Dance here is very famous. The ger dance of the model and the Chandras in the district has its own special identity. The tradition of Nahar dance, the only and unique of its kind in the country, has been going on in the Mandal area for the last three and a half years.

folk dance

It is said that the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan while returning to Delhi from Udaipur, made his stay on the sails of the Mandal Talab, then some people performed the Narasimha dance by pretending the Narasimha avatar to entertain the emperor, which the emperor liked greatly. It is said that this dance tradition has been going on since then. Ger dances are performed by men. Bhavai dance can also be seen in Bhilwara. You can see it in any ceremony wherein the dancers dance on their heads with a pot or Kalash. 

Bhilwara Tourism Places


Located 54 km from Bhilwara, this place is of historical importance. It has witnessed many wars during the medieval period. The Mughal Emperor Akbar encamped at this place during the famous Haldighati war in history. About half a mile long, the top of the fort hill stands unmoved with the protection of the ramparts and the moat. The fort here is believed to have been built by a chief of the Balput Rajputs. 

Badnore Fort

Badnore Fort

70 km from Bhilwara, Badnore Court on Bhilwara Aasind Road offers a panoramic view. This fort is a classic example of medieval Indian architecture. This seven-story fort is built on a small hill. Many small monuments and temples can also be seen inside the parkote of Badnore district. 

Menal Waterfall

Menal Waterfall

A place called Menal on National Highway 27 on Kota Road, 80 km from Bhilwara attracts tourists due to its supernatural, scenic splendor. A special attraction here is the Menal Falls surrounded by forests. The strong sound of this waterfall falling from a height of 150 feet attracts people. There is also a very magnificent temple of Lord Shiva in Menal. 


Jahazpur has located 90 km from Bhilwara. A huge fort atop a hill in the south of the city appears as a group with two ramparts standing along a deep moat and countless bastions on it. It is said that this is one of the kilos made by Rana Kumbha to protect the boundaries of Mewar. The village has a group of temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, called ‘Barah Devara’.

Barah Devara

The district also has a few temples, including an ancient temple dedicated to Sarveshwar Nath Ji. Jahazpur is also famous for an important Jain temple dedicated to Munishwaranath. There is also a mosque between the village and the fort, which is known as ‘Gabi Pir’. 

Famous Religious Place

Shri Beed Balaji

shri beed balaji

Balaji is used for Rambhakt Hanuman Ji. Balaji Temple of Shri Beed has located 3 km from Kanchan village of Shahpura Tehsil, which is surrounded by nature. If you want to experience unlimited peace then this is the most spectacular place. 

Bagore Sahib

Bagore Sahib is a historical gurudwara, where the tenth Sikh Guru Sri Guru Govind Singh Ji stayed while visiting Punjab. This gurudwara is located about 20 km from Mandal town in Bagore village of Tehsil Mandal.

Jataun Temple

Jataun Temple

The Jataun Temple, established in the mid-11th century, is a Shiva temple. It is believed that it was built by a Bhil tribal who came to settle here first.

The special attraction of Shahpura

Shahpura town is about 55 km from Bhilwara. It is surrounded by walls from all sides, with 4 doors. It was founded in the year 1804 for followers of the Ramasnehi sect. There is a famous temple of this cult called Ramdwara. This pilgrim from all over the country comes to visit this temple, but the most interesting is the flower dole fair. This five-day fair is an annual event held at Phagun Shukla. 


In the northern part of Shahpur, there is a huge palace complex that is decorated with balcony, minarets, and canopies. The beautiful view of the lake and the city can be seen from its upper part. Famous freedom fighters Kesari Singh, Zorawar Singh, and Pratap Singh belonged to Barhat Shahpura. The Trimurti Memorial, Barhathaji’s Haveli (which has now been converted into a state museum) and the banks of the Pivaniya Pond experience immense pride. If you come here, please give some time to these two places. 

Great Experience Of Shopping

Most people come here to shop for goods. For this, a good option is available at a fair price in the shops found at the new market, station market, Balaji market, Subhash market, and Gol pyau intersection. But you can also buy handicraft items like Lakh bangles, leather shoes, brass utensils here.

Phad Painting

Items related to handicrafts can be purchased from the old Bhilwara city and Paddy Mandi area. There is also an option of Phad painting for art lovers, which can be purchased from Kalyan and Gopal Joshi’s Chitrasala in the old Bhilwara city. Similarly here you can see and buy this painting in Nandkishore Joshi’s art gallery in Shastri Nagar. 

When and how to go

People visit Bhilwara more during the winter season, but it is a different pleasure to come here in the rain. The nearest airport to visit here is Udaipur, which is 147 km from here. This place is well connected to Ajmer, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Kota, Indore, Ujjain, and Delhi by rail route.


Thank you very much for reading this entire article. We learned about the Bhilwara tourism places very well in this blog. We tried our best to know about the famous tourist place of Rajasthan through this blog. If you liked this article, then definitely share it with your friends. And give us your valuable suggestions in the feedback option.

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